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10% commission on all referred sales! Woo Hoo!

If you're an content creator and you believe in the amazing power of CBD, well, let’s be partners! We’re looking for friends that can help spread education and help spread authentic, safe CBD products like what we carry at Alive & Kicking. It’s simple: You help us spread the good word on good products and you get commission with every sale generated on your platform.

A LITTLE ABOUT US: Alive & Kicking is a boutique CBD company based out of Los Angeles, CA. We create unique CBD products authentically designed to provide true functional purpose for us all. Let’s face it, we’re constantly facing the stresses of life so we focus on providing better plant based wellness solutions to kick stress’ butt. We’re like the perfect sidekick for everyone!

Alive & Kicking has a range of amazing products:

Alive & Kicking Slim Pre-rolls: Our slim pre-rolls are truly unique. There’s nothing like it in the market. Each pre-roll packs premium full spectrum whole CBD hemp flower. No shake or trim or that stuff found at the bottom of the barrel that so many other companies use. We only use FULL flower that’s broken down by hand and packed into our pre-rolls.. We care so much about freshness that we even include a humidity pack in each pack of pre-rolls so your flower stays fresh. Each pack comes with 14 pre-rolls designed for the perfect individual, sessionable experience. All our pre-rolls come with the strain of flower we use along with third party lab test results and of course, everything is made in the US.

Alive & Kicking Nano Hemp Drink Mix: Finally! We don’t have to settle for adding CBD oils into our food or drinks. Our Nano Hemp Drink Mix is a convenient way of adding 15mg of premium CBD liquid into any beverage, COLD or HOT! We use nano processing which breaks down the CBD molecules into super duper teeny tiny particles. Why do we do this you ask? Compared to standard CBD hemp oil, which globs up on your food and beverages and takes a prolonged period of time to absorb in your body, Nano processing allows the CBD molecules to integrate into your beverage instantly and helps your body absorb it quickly. Alive & Kicking Nano Hemp Drink Mix comes in an easy to carry pouch and vial so you can bring it with you wherever you go and turn any moment into a relaxing one.

Alive & Kicking Premium Jar Flower: Our as we like to say, A Jar of the Primo because that’s exactly what it is. We sell premium top quality hemp flower sourced from reputable farms. Each order is carefully inspected and jarred in our awesome dome jars. And to top it all, we even include a discreet humidity pack hidden inside the cap so the flower stays fresh until it's ready to be enjoyed.

Alive & Kicking Pre-rolled Cones: These are our big cones packed with 1g of premium full spectrum whole CBD flower. Just like our Slim Pre-rolls, we only use the best flower and hand grind it to perfection so every cone has a careful even burn. We use premium Black RAW cones and deliver it in sturdy glass tubes that can also be re-used.


We want partners in all of this. We’re looking for affiliates and publishers that we can not only build a long relationship but also hear feedback and customer feedback from. We try to make a win win situation for us all!

Advantages of partnering up with Alive & Kicking:

If you have any questions please email: evan@bealiveandkicking.com