Here at What a Crock we have one goal — to make dinner easy for everyone. We cook, package, and ship thousands of delicious, ready-made meals designed for the slow cooker across the United States each week. Customers simply drop one of our chef-crafted meals into their slow cooker in the morning, go about their day, and come home to a tasty dinner ready and waiting for them. No prep, mess, or stress is required!

What makes us different?

· Our meals require no prep or cooking skill, but still give the customer the sense of cooking it themselves.

· Subscriptions are not required to order from us - most customers order exactly what they want, when they want and have meals delivered straight to their doorstep.

· Because we do not require a subscription to purchase and because our meals are so easy to prepare, our products are often sent as a gift.

· We offer single-portion meals and dishes that fit a variety of diets, including gluten-free, low calorie, low sodium, low carb, dairy-free, and more.

· We have a large menu containing over 50 different meal options, including entrees, soups, desserts, sides, and more.

Our target customer:

· Age: 29-65

· Income: $50k to $150K

· Family Size: 3-6 people

· Gender Breakdown: 68% Female 32% Male

· Location: Continental United States


· 20% commission for bloggers, content creators, and other affiliates

· 6% commission for coupon sites

· 0% commission for sites that use browser extensions

· 0% commissions on gift card purchases

· We reserve the right to adjust commission rates at any time for any reason.

For Customers that have shopped with us in the past

· We pay a flat rate of 5% unless we have a customer agreement. Feel free to reach out to us for custom agreements.

· $108.56 average sale

· 7 Days

We will be happy to provide you with a custom coupon for you to share with your network. We also provide a couple of generic coupons with our creative that you are welcome to share. Please do not share any other coupons that you may find online or on other websites. Many of these coupons are attached to other affiliates. If we find that you are sharing unauthorized coupons we reserve the right to void your commissions for that transaction and, possibly remove you from our program.