® is the preeminent membership-based web site for bargain hunters that helps its users find and participate in government auctions of seized and surplus property in the US and Canada. It also provides its members with access to its nationwide database of real estate foreclosure listings across the United States. We offer a FREE TRIAL to our customers followed by a monthly charge.

We have a 2-tier pay-per-lead commission structure, which works as follows.

Tier 1 Commission: We pay our affiliate partners $2.00 for every LEGITIMATE*** FREE TRIAL activation referred by them (even if the free trial is canceled before any charges are made), even for those that sign-up as late as 90 days after being referred, with many partners achieving stellar conversion rates and high commission revenue. In addition to the pay-per-lead commission, we have introduced a RESIDUAL RECURRING COMMISSION of 30%! This means that we will pay 30% of the $18.95 monthly subscription for every month the referred member stays on with! This translates into you getting $5.50 every month for every retained referred member! Affiliates can promote our offer through a number of mediums, including their website, email offers (we provide templates to use), Facebook, Twitter, etc. Just let us know which promotional method you will be using in your application.

***LEGITIMATE FREE TRIAL sign-ups are those that are one per person and that are completely free of any incentives to sign up such as -- without limitation -- offers of money and/or prizes. Additionally, referred sign-ups must be genuinely interested in signing up, must sign-up completely of their own free will and accord, and must not sign-up multiple times. Any affiliate exhibiting any pattern of referring sign-ups that contravene the above quality requirements is subject to be immediately suspended from our affiliated program, and to have all non-legitimate commission voided.

Tier 1 is based on a 5-level commission structure providing partners with more control over their revenue.

The Tier-1 commission structure is as follows:

Tier 2 Commission: We also pay our affiliates 15% of the earnings generated by their sub-affiliates. This is where you can sit back, and really let others help you earn commission.