Evive, now the fastest-growing food company in Canada, was created in 2015 by a young couple Claudia Poulin and Dominic Dubé. With their innovative frozen cubes packed with all the necessary nutrients required for a wholesome diet, they’re accomplishing their mission of making healthy eating more accessible.

What sets them apart? The convenience of their nourishing meals. For a breakfast smoothie, customers can simply put the cubes in a bottle, add any liquid of their choice, wait 20 minutes and shake! A revolutionary and unique concept that doesn’t require a blender. Evive’s lunches are also versatile and completely customizable. Quickly prepare a soup or bowl, and personalize your meal with your favorite sides like rice, pasta, or quinoa. 

All of their products are organic, plant-based, with zero added sugar. Whether you want to enjoy a delicious breakfast smoothie or comforting lunch, the possibilities are limitless. Order online and get free delivery right to your door.


Why collaborate with Evive?

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