About Us:

RioBabe was conceived with the dynamic woman in mind! That’s why we’ve formulated an easy-to-maintain, easy-to-love beauty routine, making RioBabe's products so effective and delicious that our customers never forget to use them! Our products were passionately crafted using only the best, ethically sourced, vitamin-rich ingredients that help you feel more beautiful from the inside out. We know being natural is beautiful, so we create products meant to enhance your natural beauty! 

At RioBabe we love that women come in all shapes and sizes, and we recognize the importance of inclusive quality natural hair care. That’s why RioBabe is designed to work for all hair types: Long, short, thick, curly, thin, straight, and more! Our hair products support healthy, beautiful hair of all lengths and textures with a powerful combination of all-natural ingredients that enhance and preserve your hair’s natural beauty.


Program Details:

As an affiliate, you can earn money promoting and driving sales for RioBabe! Our program works as follows:
1) Purpose of our Affiliate Program: Brand awareness/ conversion.
2) Products we provided: Hair & Skin Beauty Gummy Vitamins & 100% Vegan Hair Mask.
3) Commission: We offer a competitive commission structure with the opportunity to earn higher commissions for top performing partners
4) Average order value: Our average order value is around US$40.00.
We will also provide creative banners, text links, or the opportunity to say it your way by creating your own links!

Contact Us:

For questions, comments, or inquiries please reach out to affiliates@riobabe.com

Thank you!

RioBabe Team