Jobbinghood LLC is a media company based out of the United States that provides Digital Solutions for Companies and Digital Marketers around the world. Our two main products are and is the world’s first multimedia job network. The coolest new job site with the latest approach for finding work and hiring talent world wide. We offer Job ads with new chat accounts for employers to answer questions from candidates via chat 24/7, collect resumes on the spot, or receive emails from candidates. Employers can now create their own “Employer's front desks” by adding their company listing to our world wide employer’s directory. With a listing in this directory, they can showcase their company to the world, chat live with millions of candidates around the world, collect resumes from job seekers as if they were waiting on their own company’s front desk!. An office in cyber space. They can also upload company videos and promote Video Job Ads. on top of that, we offer SEO improvement for companies who sign up. When a company registers their listing, our systems provides them with automatic back links, titles and keywords, helping them build and increase web site SEO. Our products range between 50$ and 200$ and we are offering 20% commission on every sale. is the Spanish language Complete Media Outlet with the greatest reach in the world. Our solutions are designed to serve the Digital Marketing and Advertising needs for businesses and entrepreneurs that want to increase their web visibility and organically reach the Hispanic market throughout the world. Our Business Directory includes products and services from companies in the United States and throughout the Spanish-speaking world. Each company in the directory has a Chat account to serve its customers 24 hours a day. We have a Lawyer Directory aimed at the Hispanic community that requires legal services of any specialty. (family, immigration, personal accidents, civil, criminal, corporate, etc). we also offer our very own AdServer allows marketers and businesses to upload banner ads into our news content platform in a fast and intuitive manner with very affordable pricing. With us you get a complete advertising approach which includes Content Marketing, Banners, SEO tools, videos, News, etc. Our advertising products are targeted to any business in the United State or the world who wish to have a presence before the Hispanic audience. A business does not necessarily has to offer its services in Spanish; any business in any language is welcome as our site has a built-in software that translates all content into either English or Spanish. We sell several advertising packages ranging between $100 and $350. We are paying a 30% commission on every sale.