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ShadesDaddy Affiliate
ShadesDaddy Affiliate
ShadesDaddy Affiliate

Like talking about Designer Sunglasses on your website or blog?

Want to make some extra money?

With over 20 years of industry experience, we have the resources to help you go further.

With one of the best graphics team in the industry, a very active social media team and a trusted Affiliate Manager on top of the 100 different brands carried and an inventory of over 1 million designer sunglasses, get your audience the sunglasses they want at the best prices online!

Join ShadesDaddy Affiliate Program!

Our Affiliate program pays out some of the highest commissions in the Designer Sunglasses industry, with an average sale of $200+ On Our site!

Standard Rates:
Customer Sale - 10%

Coupon Code Site Rates:
Customer Sale - 5%