59S was founded in 2013 and now boasts over 1,000 employees all over the world. Focusing on research & development and production of UV-C LEDs—from chip R&D to UV LED diodes, to UV-C disinfection bags and boxes, to UV-A nail curing devices, and more.The Biggest UV LED Company in the world. 1 of every 2 LED diodes comes from 59S. The global leader in UV-C disinfection. UV-C LEDs are the no. 1 in market sales in the field of disinfection. 59S is the leading UV-C LED company with markets in most countries—selling in nearly 87 countries worldwide. The first company to commercialize UV-C LED disinfection technology. The pioneering enterprise of UV disinfection wands, bags, and boxes. 59S products: UV sterilizer wand UV sterilizer bags UV phone sanitizer Baby Bottles UVC LED Sterilizer Box UV Light Sanitizer Lamp Door Handle Sanitizer Products are all shipped from US warehouses and offered up to 50% Off for most products, You are able to get an 8% of sale commission.