"Mushroom and Coffee Say Wha?!"

The Chagaccino is your coffee's bff with benefits! A delicious and super healthy upgrade for your coffee ritual using superfood and adaptogens. It' the health and wellness version of an iced mocha latte featuring an effective dose of the planet’s greatest adaptogens to support immunity, promote anti-aging, boost your energy without the jitters, and protect your chill. It's also zero calories, vegan, keto, and clean. Oh yeah and it's delish AF!

* 20% Commission on sales (Commission on net sales, excluding shipping, taxes, and returns)
* Discount codes available
* Our Average Website Order is $60.00
* The Chagaccino is Poosh Approved
* The Chagaccino can be promoted as a delicious upgrade for coffee that has health benefits ranging from fitness/training, beauty/anti-aging, health and wellness, weight loss, and nootropic (brain boosting).
*It also appeals to people interested in food/coffee, vegan/plant based diets, weight loss, health and wellness, and keto/low glycemic.
* It's also a fun and affordable ($29.99) gift for birthdays, valentines day, the holidays etc.

Danielle Mackenthun (Affiliate Manager)