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Kim and Steve Cooper

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Kim Cooper’s career—as a revolutionary author in the field of relationship psychology—began after healing her and her husband Steve’s troubled marriage. When Kim first sought help and discovered the advice from most sources, including professionals, said they had no choice but to divorce, she determined to find another way.

The couple’s journey and struggles (and eventual victory) over their family’s dysfunction became the subject for 6 titles, including their best seller Back From The Looking Glass—13 Steps to a Peaceful Home. (now in its 11th edition). The testimonials streamed in and in 2009 The Cooper’s work, which began in Australia, gained popularity worldwide when the couple’s radio show “The Love Safety Net” went to number one on Global Talk Radio.

Kim and Steve's best selling title Back From the Looking Glass—13 Steps to a Peaceful Home is the only reference book available offering step by step advice on how to deal with an abusive marriage—whether you stay or leave.

The Cooper's popularity saw them continuing to make sales on their website for the next 10 years, despite conducting no advertising, promotion or marketing. The launch of their affiliate program gives affiliates a rare opportunity to become partners in a long-established and successful online business.

Kim’s work blends elements of existing theories in attachment theory, boundary setting, emotional intelligence and developmental gap work into simple, practical steps that are all the couple’s own.