Caire is designed for women 40 and up, experiencing dramatically changing skin -- the sags, bags, volume loss, elasticity loss, drier skin, menopausal acne and deeper creases and folds -- that are the signatures of hormone-caused skin aging. Did you know that estrogen/progesterone Hormone Decline actually starts at 35, well before actual menopause? Caire is at the forefront of a movement to rethink quality of life products for ‘grown up’ women. Our expertise is skin; and our editor-loved Theorem Serum + Triple Molecule Mask features PhD-invented Triple Hyaluronic Acid Complex. Hormones be damned, we say! The What? HA molecular nutrition including the “TINIEST HA MOLECULE IN THE WORLD” + an HA Growth Factor Peptide, all in a naturally fermented Delivery System. The Why? The magic is that our Molecular Nutrition naturally passes the dermal junction to activate skin on the inside. Who doesn’t want to naturally make more HA and Collagen skin molecules. We call this Hormone-Defying science because we’re helping skin to behave younger.. and yes, look younger. The Result? 100% of Women in a independent Clinical Study said they had firmer, smoother, suppler, more radiant and LIFTED skin after using Theorem Serum Boost for 4 weeks. 97% of Women in the Study said their skin looked like it did 5 Years Ago. Serum $56: Smooths, hydrates, lifts skin from the inside. All Day Youth Bright Glow. Mask $52: Lifts, softens, anti-inflammatory, anti-acne action. All Day Lifted Look. Duo: $100 Share Caire and earn 12% on all orders! Our average order is $70. We’re new but women are repeat ordering monthly, especially Theorem Serum Boost. We invite you to join Caire’s age-empowering, hormones-be-damned community. Because aging isn’t bad, it’s an opportunity to live with better, brighter, smoother and stronger skin. Priced right so most every woman can treat her skin to the very best.