Hi! We are Kori Pure Antarctic Krill Oil, a superior source of Omega-3s that support immune, heart, brain, joint, eye and skin health. Unlike fish oil, Kori Krill Oil delivers Omega-3s in their most natural phospholipid form for superior Omega-3 absorption and no fishy aftertaste (a common complaint with fish oil). It’s also certified sustainable and delivered in attractive and unique packaging for the supplements category. Kori launched in May 2020. We entered the US market with agency support to help us build awareness quickly, including Television and Digital investment. This puts us among the very top of advertisers in the Omega-3 category. Significant marketing support continues into 2021. Kori Krill Oil delivers a high quality, third-party tested product at a great value compared to other krill oils on the market. We only ship to the United States. Program Highlights • Our average order value is ~$45+ • Our conversion rate has recently been ~4.5% • We invest time and effort to support these key metrics with staffed chatbot support for live Q&A and a new but growing Trustpilot reviews program (currently “Great” 4+ stars). • We have a 10% off first orders to support new customer conversion. • Subscriptions are also available with an ongoing 10% consumer discount. • Our base commission rate is 6%. • Our cookie duration is 14 days. • Demographics: We market our product to adults 25+, favoring those with a household income above $45K and have an interest in health and wellness. • Niches: It is a product that is broadly relevant, though on social media we have seen some heightened interests in niches like Keto diets and Weightlifting. Products • Standard 1200 mg Krill Oil, 30 ct - $22.99 • Small 600 mg Krill Oil, 60 ct - $22.99 • Mini 400 mg Krill Oil, 90 ct - $22.99 Contact Info We are really proud of the quality of our product and the service we deliver to customers. We’re very excited to partner with you! Have questions? Get in touch with our Affiliate team at info@korikrilloil.com