For more than 38 years, we are committed to create an innovative, effective and healthy fitness experience for every gym and home. Our Ninja Play G9.6 Gravity Gym is a pull-up focused training equipment that utilizes workout with adjustable gravity loads. The concept is engaging more than 50 various training by modifying users’ own body weights - users' own bodyweight as resistance. Different from the others, it's the first and only pull-up focused training equipment that allows you walk-in workout, and provides core strength training in standing posture. It's An ideal pull-up training equipment that incorporates yoga, TRX, and weightlifting. Transforms basic training to pro training as the user progresses. Ninja Play G9.6 Gravity Gym eases the training progress and allows any user to perform all level extreme sports, trains all users' reflex to reach the goal of fast, powerful, and precise. Our Affiliate Program Just a few easy steps - Join, Post, and Start Earning Commissions, we provide the easiest path for you to start earning commissions. All your performances are tracked in real-time, including traffic, sales and commissions. Our team is always here for you with any issues. Benefits - Order-based commissions : 4% - Tracking Gap : forever - Private commission and consumer offers available - Continuously updated product feed - Newsletters with updates on promotions, contests and sales opportunities