Wren is a startup that makes it easy for people to do something about the climate crisis.

Using our carbon footprint calculator, you can learn how to reduce your carbon footprint, and fund projects that plant trees or protect rainforest to offset the carbon emissions you can’t reduce. You can learn more at https://wren.co

To get more people to go carbon neutral we're running the Wren Creator Program.

The program is simple: We'll pay you $40 every viewer you convince to sign up to Wren. We have a landing page conversion rate of 1.2% – so you'll get paid for every ~80 people you send to our site.

Our users tend to be in their late 20s-30s, affluent, and care about climate change. The majority of them work in tech, but we have users around the world, from teachers in the Midwestern US, to doctors in South America. Wren users come from all around the world– the only thing they all have in common is their care for the planet.

Our users are especially convinced by personal recommendations — one influencer, James Clear, drove over 200 sign-ups by mentioning his experience using Wren in his newsletter. If he were on our affiliate program, he would've made thousands of dollars for a few minutes' work.

We're looking forward to you joining the Wren Creator Program!