We're an online learning platform for kids in grades 1 though 8, with hundreds of fun, hand-picked videos teaching Math, English, Science, Health and Social Studies, aligned to the Common Core State Standards. Perfect as a learning supplement to virtual or homeschool as well as a tutoring aid for all (during and after the pandemic). We offer commissions of 40-50% on each of the first 3 recurring payments on our monthly subscription product. That's a commission of $12-15 per customer. With a market of over 40 million potential customers in North America alone and a competitive price-point of $9.99/month, the earning potential is huge for our affiliate partners (we're new, but some of our competitors have millions of monthly visits). We'd be happy to work with you on creating content, reviews etc. for your site. Our products are ideal for blog/content sites focused on parenting, education, virtual schooling, tutoring or product review sites/influencers, social media influencers and reputable discount/coupon sites. Commission rates are based on performance. Commission growth options available for affiliate partners who can generate ongoing minimum sales volume. We're easy to work with, reach out and join our program. Looking forward to working with you! Chris Chris Stafford Co-Founder 2cool4school Inc. www.2cool4school.org chris.stafford@2cool4school.org