Lovespoon Candles, maker of The High End Soy Candle was created for the Sophisticated in mind as we invite you to sit back, relax, & to indulge your senses......

At first glance, Lovespoon Candles clearly demonstrates luxurious packaging design that is complimented with the most captivating fragrances that are sure to intoxicate the most distinguishing of critics.

Founded in the Summer of 2013, Lovespoon Candles continues to entice and attract the most exclusive & fashionable societies of men and women. Our Collections can be found in many High End Resorts such as The Ritz Carlton, & countless Specialty Boutiques. Lovespoon Candles, is quickly evolving into an extravagant lifestyle brand that offers a full range of opulent fragrances for the most stylish clientele & is known for its outstanding & complex fragrances that are paired with exceptionally beautiful packaging. If you are looking for the most unique gift, or simply some High End Soy Candles, The Cornerstone Collection or The Monogram Series is certainly the gift that will delight every wish.

Our Founder, Jenny was born in Wales, part of the United Kingdom, which is home to Royalty and Sophisticated Lifestyles. Jenny knew at an early age, that for one to succeed in life, that individual must always give their best and provide the utmost in quality. She has espoused to this tenet throughout her life and further instills this mantra into each Candle she pours by hand. When one purchases a Lovespoon Candle, they are truly purchasing a unique gift of the highest magnitude in quality coupled with a name that hearkens back to some of the oldest traditions surrounding love and romance.

Additionally Jenny loves giving back to people in need. Therefore, she has partnered with "Feeding Children Everywhere" by donating $1 for every standard purchase order which allows for 5 meals to be provided to Hungry Children in America. Plus, Jenny will provide $1 each month for her Candle Club Subscribers which allows for 10 meals to be allocated to feeding Starving Children in America.

For the Chic, Trendy, & Sophisticated, Jenny invites you to Celebrate, Savor & Fulfill Your Desires with the High End Soy Candle, known as The Lovespoon Candle.

In Wales, a Lovespoon is a decorative spoon carved from one piece of wood & was traditionally presented as a romantic blessing to the couple that just experienced wedded bliss & ultimately symbolized romantic intent. The Lovespoon is commonly adorned with symbols of love, & was intended to reflect the skill of the carver. Due to the intricate designs, Lovespoon's are no longer used as functioning spoons and are now decorative craft items that serve as rare & exclusive gifts.


Since Lovespoon Candles continues to grow at a rapid pace we felt now is the time to enter into the highly successful affiliate side of the business. That said, we are here to establish lifelong and mutually satisfying relationships with our Affiliate Partners. So with that being said, we are coming out with LOFTY COMMISSIONS! We will offer 15% on ALL our Candle Sales with a 30 day tracking period (cookie). This INCLUDES: The Monogram Series (8.5oz Jars), The Cornerstone Collection (8.5oz Tins), & our Travel Tins! Plus, we will provide your customers with 15% Off their first order & FREE SHIPPING on orders of $75+! Ultimately we want your audience and customers to win by enjoying our lovely candles, and we want you to win by garnering a STRONG commission in the Candle Space! So, please come join the Candle Brand that is growing by leaps and bounds, let's create a fantastic and winning relationship together as we make many people happy across our nation!