The Mochi Robotics Kit launched last year and has already won all the top industry awards for educational toys. Aimed at ages 3-9 Mochi allows young kids to learn how they learn best: with their hands through trial and error.

Kids control a bear named Mochi who rides around in his robotic car - all without a screen. Based on the lessons in the library of 15 storybooks, kids place blocks into their programming board to control how their Mochi bear navigates an adventure map in real life. Kids can follow the story, or create their own. And after the story, Mochi becomes a great way to play with your old Legos since Mochi is Lego-compatible. You can build any Lego creation on the Mochibot and send him on an adventure.

Parents will appreciate that kids can spend dozens of hours playing with Mochi unsupervised and don't have to worry about harmful screens or plastic leaching since Mochi is made of 100% sustainably sourced birch which allows for a safe and high quality play experience.

We have 1 Main unit, and several Add-On packs. These are sold individually, as well as in bundles.
We will offer commission when any of the bundle packs are sold.