Welcome to AshaPops!

As an avid snacker, healthy alternatives just didn’t satisfy until my mom, Asha, discovered the key. Combine modern flavors with the superfoods from ancient Indian dietary code, Ayurveda.

Asha worked hard to surpass the taste of my favorite puffed snacks while amplifying the nutrition. She picked Popped Water Lily Seeds as the winning superfood contender and combined it with her distinct flavors ranging from the Bombay Masala to Dark Chocolate. When she had the rest of the family try, we just couldn’t get enough of AshaPops with her toddler granddaughter wanting more. I’m proud to share my mom’s delicious flavors with fellow snackers that tingle your taste buds while nourishing your body.

Asha means hope in Sanskrit. Our hope, here at AshaPops, is to not only use ancient superfoods to alleviate illnesses in Western society through dietary nourishment but also provide them with the livelihood & dignity that they deserve by contributing 5% of our net proceeds.