Welcome To Money Talks Edu's Exclusive Membership Here at Money Talks Edu, our mission is to prepare teens for adulthood through financial literacy. In 2020, we launched our virtual financial literacy workshops and targeted youths who live in underserved schools across the country. Our instructor lead courses offer real-time virtual lessons that introduce teens' to money management skills not taught in schools. Lesson objectives involve opening a bank account, establishing credit, investing, and other life skills that prepare young adults for adulthood. Courses, assignments, and tests are animated, interactive, and accessible anytime, anywhere on a desktop or mobile app. To further raise awareness concerning the lack of financial literacy in early education, we've partner with Google Nonprofits and received a $1,000 seed grant from the Philadelphia Foundation and the Centennial Parkside Community Development Corporation. But that's not enough; we need your help getting parents involve and getting our newly published curriculum into their children's hands. With this exclusive membership, going to our platform is easy to do and rewarding! So what are you waiting on? Sign Up, share the link, make money and tell the world, "Were Fighting Poverty with Money Talks Edu! "