Rafi Nova’s mission is to build a global community of families who seek adventure— from the ordinary to extraordinary— and equip them with products that align with their values, meets their ever changing needs, and supports the artisans behind the seams.

Given the current circumstances, we've shifted focus to face masks to solve the urgent needs of families and communities.

We’re Marissa and Adam Goldstein, the husband-and-wife team behind Rafi Nova. The story of Rafi Nova begins with four names: Raya, Efi, Noa, and Eyva. They’re our two sets of twins and the namesakes of our company.

Our Inspiration
Our family splits our time living in both Vietnam and Boston. While exploring remote villages in Southeast Asia with our family, we grew a bond with local families and fell in love with the beautiful art forms they have passed down amongst generations. We wanted to share these traditional handicrafts with a larger audience, give back to the communities we came to love, and build a strong community ourselves. So, we launched Rafi Nova!

Our Textiles
The textiles you see on our Backpacks, Pouches, and Supernova Mask were all handpicked and purchased directly from Hmong artisans in Southeast Asia. All of our textiles are actually cut from skirts that take up to six months to make! The skirts were previously worn by Hmong women for special occasions, so we cherish not only the time and effort put into their creation, but also their significance to the Hmong community.

Our Promise
Rafi Nova is a fair trade and ethical company. By purchasing textiles directly from the Hmong artisans, we ensure they are paid a fair price. We are open and honest with the artisans regarding our plans to clean, cut, and repurpose their textiles for our products. We promise to always be transparent, pay a fair price, and respect both the Hmong people and their art.