Thanks for visiting our Affiliate Page. Shortly about us, more on our website;) We are Las Vegas-based cell phone case and accessories making company. Our company sells cases for iPhone, Samsung, and Google Pixel cases(very popular). We also sell Impact Drop Protection phone cases for iPhone and Google Pixel. Our accessories include bestseller Magsafe Wood Wireless Charger, Tempered glass screen protectors, and wood phone holders. We recently launched a partnership with ShareASale, and yet we have more than 100 Affiliate Marketers in a short time, thank you! People love our products, our reviews prove that. We have sold more than 2000 cases in the last year in 2020. Our total review rating is 4.97 stars. Just so you know, you are promoting a company with good customer experiences. Our customer return rate is 26% for now, this means returning affiliate commissions for you. Let's be partners, and earn together! Alan Turkmen Owner at Limited77