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AWNL, all we need is love, is an invocation system of rituals and energy. It is a meditation combined with materials, craftsmanship and mythology. AWNL is based on a belief in nordic mythology and about the ability of the material to hold power. Spreading the energy is one of the main reasons why the brand starts. It was a passion for creating the magic objects that nurtured the brand. From Swedish meteorite to rare crystals, from Tibetian hornbone to Massosaurus tooth fossil, we are redefining the modern jewelry design.

At AWNL, we are on a journey to make better things in a better way. We are continuously experimenting with natural gemstones to create products with significant energy healing. Our products have been proved resistant and durable enough to stand the test of time. Our product range covers bracelets, necklaces and ear studs for both men and women. With meteorite, natural gemstones and CZ diamonds, our product is believed to elevate the wearer’s individuality, taste and style to the next level. We offer discounts and coupons on holidays, and we do frequently release new products. All of which create excitement and moments worth sharing with your audience.


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