ViroMasks is possibly the world's safest everyday use mask. Using advanced filtration and Swiss anti-viral technology; we have test reports from UAE and Australia proving to neutralize 99.9% SARS-CoV-2 virus (though in some markets we can not make this claim because of regulations). We are undergoing FDA EUA and will keep you updated.

Some key features of ViroMasks are hereunder;

ViroMasks are the ONLY reusable facemasks tested on actual SARS-CoV-2 Virus. For details kindly follow the link:
ViroMasks are patent-pending design with cup shape breathing area, which gives more ease for breathing, ISO & EU- CE approved.

We are in following Amazon Marketplaces: Australia, Singapore, UAE, Saudi, UK, Netherlands and France. Almost every marketplace we go to; we become the best seller within 60 days. UAE and Saudi marketplaces; we have been best sellers for quite sometime. European marketplaces just went live about 3/4 weeks ago; we will become best sellers in those markets within December.

In addition, we have been selling from our website at the rate of 20+ Orders per day organically. We would like to increase it to 100+ Orders per day by end of December.
ViroMasks have three families: Vault, Armor and Shield for every price point and consumer choice.
ViroMasks are possibly the most tested everyday use facemask out there. See some of our certifications on this link:
For B2C, we are shipping globally from our warehouses in UK, USA and UAE