We’re Puzzle Up — a family-owned brand of unique jigsaw puzzles from Kyiv, Ukraine.

In our family everyone loves doing puzzles, playing board games and spending time with each other.

So we decided to create the ultimate Wooden Puzzle that will rekindle your love for jigsaw puzzles to your home and bring the whole family together!

Our first brand — Enjoy The Wood has been on the market since 2014, and now with our 6th project we bring you these amazing Jigsaw Puzzles that will blow your mind with uniquely shaped pieces and beautiful high-quality prints — an amazing game for grown-ups that will capture your attention for the longest time.

We created 6 different series: Art, Space, Nature, Attractions, Mountains, Cryptocurrencies.

7 stunning puzzles in each. All of them have a special meaning to us and were created to make you fall in love!

Believe us we checked:)

Hold on, what do I get from this?

You get a commission of 20% and various bonuses throughout our partnership with the possibility of increasing the commission up to 25%