Our Story

GladGrid's story comes in two parts: premier furniture to upgrade people's living space and high-quality sleep products to improve customer's sleep quality.

A pain point that Joe, the founder, found in the lives of many is convenient options for home décor. He once spent over $300 on a TV stand that came with dozens of screws and a bunch of boards. It would be incredibly annoying to spend a few hours figuring out the instruction, where every single piece and screw went. To save time and effort, he spent $120, nearly half the TV stand's price, to invite an expert to help assemble. It took the expert about half an hour to finish the installation. Well, actually, it was not that time-saving and convenient even getting a professional helper with installation.

Since then, Joe started conceiving a furniture design that can make people’s life to be convenient and pleasing. He believes there must be an easier, convenient, and higher-efficient furniture assembly way. After years of searching, consulting the professionals, and visiting furniture manufacturers, he finally found the Click Clack® fast furniture assembly technology, which greatly solves the furniture installation and transport problems.

That's where GladGrid started. But we won’t stop here. The majority of customers are still bothered by complicated, confused, inefficient, and inconvenient online shopping experiences. That’s why we hope to bring our customers an easier, relaxing, and hopeful life with simple, interesting, and high-efficient products and cutting-edge technologies.

A comfortable home is significant for your quality of life, but so is good sleep. GladGrid expands a sleep product line to promote healthier sleep and help our customers maintain vitality and energy in daily life, thereby living an easier, relaxing, and hopeful life.

We have such faith because we precisely know how precious the moments are when spending time with families, entertaining yourself, or focusing on improving yourself. Whatever is your life priority, taking some time doing some valuable things to make life better and hopeful should always be one of our life goals.

Why GladGrid's Affiliate Program?

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Join GladGrid Affiliate, and let's move forward to a much easier life together!