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Sweet Vibes is a self-care company that delivers innovative intimate lifestyle products and embraces the taboo of sexual wellness instead of hiding it. Sweet Vibes’ mission is simple—they believe masturbation is a vital part of any self-care routine. Their purpose is to inspire womxn to embark on their own sexual wellness journey by having a loving relationship with all of their parts to promote a positive attitude and healthy body image.


Ice Cream


While society has come a long way in the last decade, there is still a stigma around sex toys, and many of those wanting to embark on their sexual wellness journey are too ashamed or not educated on how to begin. Sweet Vibes was founded with the purpose of making sexual self-care approachable, which is reflected in the pricing and product design.



We’re an inclusive brand that doesn’t break the bank and everyone from the editors at Cosmopolitan to Instagram sexperts have taken notice. We’ve been listed in top product sections in Women’s Health, Buzzfeed, Refinery29 and HuffPost. Influencers have said “it’s the perfect toy for all bodies,” “makes you feel like you can fly” and “it's the best way to up your game.” 




Sweet Vibes is looking for partners who share their passion for sexual self-care and want to join the fight against the stigma around sex toys by sharing their innovative products with customers. We’ve created a community of acceptance for all womxn and hope to welcome you as a new ally on our journey. 




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