Private Packs are wearable, reusable hot and cold packs that relieve private body part pain, swelling, and discomfort on-the-go. The ergonomic design moves with your body for discreet comfort anywhere. Our first design addresses the millions of people that suffer from chronic vulvar pain, and Private Packs are the first mess-free, cordless, reusable solution! Viva la vulva!

Private Packs is a great product to be featured for:
- MOMS: Baby showers, delivery bag essentials, postnatal recovery, vaginal tears, episiotomy
- MENOPAUSE: vaginal dryness care
- WOMAN: pre-sex (hot) post-sex (cold), STI comfort (herpes), Yeast Infection, Vaginismus, Vulvodynia, Bartholin Cyst
- WEEKEND WARRIOR OR ATHLETE: After spinning or being on a hard bike seat
- BEAUTY: Post-Brazilian Wax
- MEDICAL: Allergy pills leaving your nasal cavity and vagina dry? Use Private Packs

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Expiration: 90 days
Average order size: $100
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Suzanne Sinatra
CEO & Founder