Lady Falcon Coffee Club


Lady Falcon Coffee Club is an independent, female founded
coffee & cáscara tea company based in San Francisco.

We hail from a far-out corner of San Francisco, where city meets ocean
We are lady coffee-bean roasters, creators and tastemakers.
We are trailblazing the way with cascara tea (rich in antioxidants).
We are vintage-truck-driving baristas.
We explore, dream, and discover.
We believe happiness looks gorgeous on you.

Coffee has been and continues to be a male dominated industry.
Less than 13% of all coffee roasters are women. The coffee shelf at the
grocery store is dominated by masculine, minimalist design schemes.
Lady Falcon embraces our femininity with pink pastel bags
featuring a Mucha-esque goddess and a wax seal.

We're female founded, and female run - we craft roast coffee with style.

About the product

  • Lady run & lady craft-roasted coffee beans
  • Independently owned
  • Really really good coffee and amazing teas
  • Our blends are approchable and bursting with flavor
  • Signature tea blends that are supercharged with antioxidants and delicious
  • A v cute bag – pastel bags that you won’t want to throw away (actually, they’re compostable)
  • Our single-origin coffee blends of small batch beans focus on favor and bring you a morning cup of coffee that unforgettable
  • Experience “unboxing” gorgeousness...this is an affordable luxury with all the swag and glam that makes you feel extra special and takes your morning caffiene routine to the next level
  • We can’t wait to make your morning more luxurious

About our items

  • 6% for average affiliates
  • 10% for premium affiliates