Welcome to cooperate with Niawigs brand!

Niawigs, a popular wigs online shop, offer 150+ different hair styles and colors for each occasions, such as party, birthday. All wigs base sizes can be customized.

Program Highlights

>> 10% ~18% Commission rules per sale

>> Exclusive higher (up to 22% )commission for top performers

>> 60 day tracking gap, unlimited referrals

>> Well-categoried datafeed updated weekly

>> Special bonuses and incentives for top performers

>> Dedicated and responsive affiliate management team to faciliate two-way communication

>> A big selection of inexpensive high-quality wigs, high repurchase rate

>> Deep linking and custom linking solutions available

>> Timely publisher payment process

If you want more informations about NiaWigs program or need any exclusive offers, please contact us. As we would be very keen to work with you.

Website: https://www.niawigs.com/

Contact: Brand@NiaWigs.com