Hello, my name is Sergey Simonovich. I’m the founder of Pharmacist Connect and I’m also a licensed pharmacist in the United States in 2 states (South Carolina and Colorado). Pharmacist Connect is a health and wellness site that focuses on serving persons with Diabetes excellent and relevant health information on diabetes topics such as depression, anxiety, blood glucose management, diabetes education, etc.

Pharmacist Connect consists of 3 components:
1) The Health Blog, which discusses common health and wellness topics that a person with Diabetes comes across on a daily basis.
2) The Diabetes Education Program, which provides top-notch, guideline-based and evidence-based solid information that persons with Diabetes are looking for every single day: Blood Glucose management, Healthy Eating with diabetes, and other diabetes-related topics.
3) An ecommerce Diabetes and Medical Supplies store with thousands of Diabetes and Medical supplies.

Pharmacist Connect is unique in that it’s built from the ground up by a pharmacist who understands the many needs of persons with diabetes because he’s counseled thousands of them over the 11 years he’s been a pharmacist (Sergey).

Program details:

Pharmacist Connect consists of 3 main parts: 1) The blog 2) The Academy Site 3) The Diabetes and Medical Supplies

The Blog – Sergey, the founder of Pharmacist Connect, regularly communicates with prospects that subscribe to the pharmacist connect newsletter who are hungry for valuable diabetes-related information that will give them an edge and help overcome diabetes or learn to manage it better.
The Blog site is:

The Diabetes Academy Site
The academy site is:
The Academy Site consists of Diabetes Education courses for non-pregnant adults with Type 2 Diabetes. There are currently 7 digital products for sale and the Share a Sale commission payout will be 30% of the price of the product. More digital products are to come in the future where affiliates will be able to earn commission on these digital product sales as well

Product 1 - $7 Course Sample Lesson, 30% affiliate commission = your payout is $2.10 per sale
Product 2 - $147 Module 1 Course, 30% affiliate commission = your payout is $44.10 per sale
Product 3 - $87 Module 2 Course, 30% affiliate commission = your payout is $26.10 per sale
Product 4 - $127 Module 3 Course, 30% affiliate commission = your payout is $38.10 per sale
Product 5 - $197 Module 4 Course, 30% affiliate commission = your payout is $59.10 per sale
Product 6 - $297 Diabetes Education Program, 30% affiliate commission = your payout is $89.10 per sale
Product 7 - $397 3% Diabetes Program, 30% affiliate commission = your payout is $119.10 per sale.

All digital products come with a 14-Day 100% Money back guarantee after the purchase. Affiliates will be paid out their commissions on day 21 after the sale or based on the standard of Share A Sale commission payouts model. If a customer requests a refund from Pharmacist Connect within 14 days from purchase, the affiliate linked to the original order will not be credited for the sale.

Conversion sales for the Academy Site and the Diabetes and Medical Supplies store will be awarded credit for the sale within a 90 day conversion window.

You can view the offer page for the Academy at:

For the top 10% super-affiliates with high converting results and highest sales, there will be more bonus incentives with higher commission rates (40%-50% per sale), super-affiliate specific incentive coupon codes, and additional creatives such as high converting funnels and banner ads to drive even more sales :)

Diabetes and Medical Supplies Store

The Diabetes and Medical supplies site is:

There is a store phone number that operates 24-hours a day, 7 days a week that customers can call to get help with orders, order tracking, get more information, etc.

The Diabetes and medical supplies site has thousands of Diabetes and Medical supplies with many products to be added to the site on a weekly basis. In this industry category, the average cart order is ~$70 with an average of 6% conversion rate.

Regular affiliates through Share A Sale will receive an 8% commission of the cart value (excluding taxes) with a conversion tracking duration of 90 days.
(Example: drive 100 visitors to the Store Site from your affiliate link on your website, about 6 visitors will buy with an average non-tax cart value of $70, your affiliate commission would be $33.6/order at an 8% affiliate commission rate) - other ecommerce site provide a 6% affiliate commission payout while Pharmacist Connect provides an 8% payout. You're welcome my friend :)

VIP Affiliates: In the near-future, there will be a VIP super-affiliate program available where you can get higher commission payouts >8% on the Diabetes and Medical Supplies site, have access to the VIP super-affiliate only coupon codes for added incentives, and weekly access to the FTP data feed of the thousands of products names, images, descriptions, etc.

Important points on keywords: Affiliate may use the trade names in ads but cannot bid on trade names or the misspelling of trade name in keywords. Affiliate also cannot bid on phrases of tradenames or misspelling of phrase names for tradenames.
Affiliates may use the destination URL in their advertising links.

Marketing Opportunities:

The Diabetes niche is a broad niche that consists of many sub-niches such as diabetes education, diabetes products, diabetes coaching programs, etc. Persons with diabetes are looking for information about healthy nutrition with diabetes, diabetes products to alleviate high blood glucose and nerve pain, and thousands of other diabetes and medical products.

Promoting Pharmacist Connect is perfect for promoting on blogs for Depression, Anxiety, nutrition, exercise, other mental health conditions, and many others. Persons with diabetes usually have more than one medical condition besides diabetes (called comorbidities) and are actively looking for information about depression, anxiety, blood glucose control, exercise, nutrition, neuropathy, etc. all over the internet. to help alleviate these medical conditions.
We have a tremendous opportunity to serve these people together with exactly what they are looking for.

The Site Demographics is targeted to Type 2 Diabetes, however, persons with all forms of diabetes will greatly benefit from the Diabetes Education.
Seasonality – year-round seasonality of diabetes information and physical products.
Persons with diabetes have many other medical conditions besides just diabetes, such as Depression, Anxiety, Neuropathy. Therefore, promoting Pharmacist Connect digital and physical products will be perfect for:
Health Bloggers, Exercise Coaches, Physical Therapy blogs, Mental Health Sites, and thousands of others. The market is huge for serving persons with Diabetes. You simply need to provide them value from you personal blog or website and drive traffic to Pharmacist Connect from your affiliate links to get credit for sales :)

You can download the creatives to use to promote the Pharmacist Connect website and it's products. The images are subject to copyright and are not to be misrepresented, altered, or manipulated in any way, shape, or form where their intended meaning is altered. As a Share a Sale affiliate, you are allowed to use these images as presented to you in their original for marketing and advertising the Pharmacist Connect and any of the products. Pharmacist Connect creatives, images, and product descriptions are to be used only by Share a Sale affiliates promoting Pharmacist Connect Products. Non Share a Sale affiliates are prohibited from using any Pharmacist Connect creatives, images, or product descriptions.

Link to the current creatives/images for download:

Contact Pharmacist Connect if You Have More Questions:

I believe that Pharmacist Connect would be a great fit for you my friend. Let’s work together to serve millions of people with Diabetes and with the Diabetes-Related Health information they’re hungry for and with Diabetes and Medical Products they need to help get their diabetes under better control.

Blog Site:
Academy Site:
Store Site:

Send me an email at if you think your website or business model will help serve the Diabetes Community. I’ll take a look and let you know if the Pharmacist Connect Education and Products will be a great fit for your business :)

I’m dedicated to serving millions of people with diabetes and am dedicated to helping you as a Pharmacist Connect affiliate to succeed along the way as well. Let’s make a huge difference in the lives of persons with diabetes together.

Affiliate Program Manager: Sergey Simonovich, PharmD (Pharmacist).
Business phone number: 803-454-9388 (give me a call if you have any questions – ask to speak to Sergey Simonovich and you’ll be forwarded to me).
This is also the phone number that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for customers if they have questions about their orders.

Email for Affiliate Support: