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Founder: Leanne Pinard Baum | info@pureearthpets.com


Welcome to the Pure Earth Pets Family. We are a small female owned business based based in the New York/New Jersey area.


We help families across the United States bring eco friendly options to their dogs! As the first eco-friendly subscription box for dogs, we pride ourselves on providing sustainable toys and natural, limited ingredient treats each month in biodegradable boxes! Although we mainly operate as a subscription box company, our retail website is filled with eco friendly toys and treats for purchase as well! We are looking for the following types of bloggers and content: pet industry, dog blogs, lifestyle, women and male lifestyle, dogmom/dogdad/mom blogs, eco warriors and those looking to make small changes for their pets and the planet. Not sure just shoot us an email!


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To apply, simply follow the steps below. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time!

   Leanne Pinard Baum

   Email:  info@pureearthpets.com