Oriental-Decor.com has been online and growing since 2003, offering unique and handcrafted products that stand out from the crowd. We have everything from inexpensive wall hangings and Asian lanterns to antique Oriental furniture, and we offer many exclusive lines such as our popular hand-painted patio umbrellas (featured in Woman's Day Magazine and the Chicago Tribune).  We are focused on customer service and satisfaction, which translates into many happy repeat customers.

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We have something for every room and budget. Here are a few of our more popular products:

 Hand-painted Oriental wall fans -- the largest selection on the web.   
Handcrafted, hand-painted oak patio umbrellas 
 Japanese shoji screens
Asian furniture 
 Oriental umbrellas -- we are the web's leading source.
Eastern statues -- Buddha, Ganesh, Kwan Yin, etc. 
 Paintings and prints
Much, much more -- over 700 separate items in stock! 

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Ted Rinquest