Maxie Squad Affiliate Program

Maxie Squad Affiliate Program

Program Details:

Maxie Squad is offering high-quality Natural Dog Treats and Chews at a reasonable price range. Our team is also offering 2 exclusive bundles for customers who are not sure which dog chew to get for their doggo. Maxie Squads Bundle #1 is designed to have a unique assortment of treats + chews specifically tailored for Small to Medium dogs. Similarly, Bundle #2 is designed for Medium to Large Dogs. These bundles are the perfect introduction to our quality dog treats and will be a great entry point for affiliates to introduce our products/brand to the market.

Some dog treats and chews are unnecessarily expensive, yet still, the quality and safety standards are not up to the mark. Our purpose is to cut out the middlemen and sell directly to customers online with the help of affiliate marketing professionals. If you are an influencer and/or are running a trendy blog, vlog, podcasts, magazines, etc. on pets (specifically tailored to dogs) then Maxie Squad is an ideal fit.

About Us:

"Maxie Squad is a US-based family and friends owned business exclusively offering Premium Quality Dog Treats and Chews for the coolest dogs on the block. All our 100% Natural treats are made in an FDA approved facility with no added hormones, antibiotics, or any harmful ingredients; resulting in extremely safe treats. All of our products are carefully hand-made with single-ingredients, which are gentle on the tummy and easy to digest for all furry friends. Our Squad only sources from 100% Grass-Fed premium meats of South America making quality treats every time. Our treats are rich in protein, nutritious, and delicious with many health benefits such as improving anxiety, hyperactivity, and maximizing your doggo’s dental health.

There are many different kinds of dog treats available in the market, but most of them do not have a high nutritional value, they might be strongly chemically processed, or even filled with non-digestible materials. The health of doggo’s everywhere is our first priority and all of Maxie Squad products are naturally made without the use of harmful ingredients, and handled manually under strict supervision. Our skilled bakers use our freshly sourced ingredients and place them in the oven to dehydrate for a period of 1-3 days. Once the treats are nicely baked, our bakers hand-inspect the dog treats before packing them up. Since no moisture is left in any of the products, and oxygen absorbers are sealed in every package, there is no room for microbial growth. When properly stored, our low-odor delicious treats can last anywhere from 2-3 years. "

-Maxie Squad Team