Kanabia is a growing leader in the functional health and wellness & CBD industry and we aim to empower our affiliates with the incentives to succeed. Our line of products include CBD Capsules and Tinctures in a range of flavours that are unique. All of our CBD products go "Beyond CBD" with our proprietary processing that elevates the levels of cannabinoids found in our oils more than any other brand. CBD, CBG, CBN, THCV and CBDV are compounds not normally found in most other CBD brands in the space, and if they are, they are in extremely low levels. Kanabia's Golden Harvest (tm) CBD blend goes beyond just CBD to provide the most complete Full Spectrum CBD oil on the market. We believe a strong Affiliate program starts with a strong belief in the product your selling. We offer 10% to our Affiliates. Average order size is approx $60, and over 85% of our customers return to purchase more product with one of the lowest churn's in the industry. For any questions, please contact danica@advertisepurple.com.