COLLECT is an altruistic woman-founded, women-led clothing brand focused on designing everyday wear for the sophisticated and culturally aware consumer. Founded by a multi-national woman of color in 2018, COLLECT believes in purpose, inclusivity, and giving back to our community. COLLECT celebrates authenticity in the individual and partners with artists to create limited edition wearable art inspiring the lovers, dreamers, and rebels amongst us. We're not just designing for you, we're collaborating with you (if you'll let us). We know that what you wear is as important as what you surround yourself with and the things you bring into your personal space. We make quality basics for you to live your life in. We donate a percentage of our proceeds to our artist community and our philanthropic partners. The synergy of fashion, art, and philanthropy is the core to COLLECT’s DNA. Put us on, let us into your home, and into your interior world. Our small-batch product range includes top-quality organic Pima cotton tees in a modern cut, made in Peru by two entrepreneurial sisters. COLLECT gives back to the Peruvian region by hiring women in need of jobs through our production chain. COLLECT’s 100% Organic Pima Cotton supports global sustainability production and is a part of the 1% of the organic cotton grown worldwide. COLLECT is a part of the 1%; wear who you are and be part of the 1%.