Being a specialist in manufacturing professional cooking hoods, CIARRA understands how important your kitchen is for your home.

Reliable Quality
Quality is very important to us – we want our customers to be satisfied and we want them to recommend CIARRA products to their friends and family. Therefore, our standard of quality is accordingly high.

A Holistic Strategy To Cook Hassle-Free
Keep your kitchen fresh with patented technology. Our powerful and ultra-quiet suction fans can be activated with a single touch of intuitive panels and buttons.

A Design Highlight To Catch The Eyes
Design meets function. Our equipment boasting stylish lines and slim profiles let you wear both chef and designer hats.

A Strict Selection Process To Meet Your Standards
No compromise when it comes to quality. Our equipment comes in carefully selected high-grade finishes, from glass to stainless steel.

Affordable Price
CIARRA works as a professional manufacturer, and because of the transparent and effective structure of the company, significantly smaller overhead-expenses are incurred. You receive top-quality appliances for a great price.

Customer Service
We fundamentally believe you will be thrilled with the products you purchase from CIARRA. If there are any problems with the product, we can provide you with professional services. All of the CIARRA products have, of course, a full 24 months warranty.

Our Products
Cooker Hoods

CIARRA’s cooker hoods are equipped with patented technology to ensure powerful ventilation performance for an odorless and fume-free kitchen. Choose from a range of under-cabinet or chimney designs at competitive price points.

Electric Grills
Compact, portable, and outfitted in high-quality stainless steel, Ciarra's electric oven grills are the perfect equipment to get your grilling right. With temperature selections ranging from 550°C to 850°C, you can easily prepare a myriad of grilled specialties all within the comforts of your own home.

We are always eager to continuously improve our quality products and satisfying services to our users, creating more cutting edge concepts to the cooker hood market. CIARRA will continue to create more of our own patented designs while concentrating on market protection to our valuable customers, and excellent experiences for our end users.

Your Kitchen In Your Hands - CIARRA

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