THP is a revolutionary financial system that is applicable and valuable to almost everyone. It includes 3 Valuable offers, 1) Debt2Gold Debt Elimination System, 2) THP's Complete, Personal Financial Game Plan, and 3) A Gold Membership including both of the above as well as regular, financial organization, coaching and training program. All of these offers occur through a simple, yet comprehensive Personal Financial Super-Calculator!

So, our program has an extremely broad reach and appeal to anyone wanting more financial organization, knowledge, insight, tools and true, transparent understanding offered through a unique system and training program from which to optimize their personal finances.

Because of THP's uniquely broad appeal offers a lucrative and even exponential, 2-tier commission opportunity. This means that you get paid for your sales and referrals as well as the direct sales and referrals brought in by your referrals. Plus,, THP offers a strong incentive and tutorial for ALL users of our product to offer the system to their network of contacts. So, there is a very special financial opportunity by way of both multiple levels of income, incentives to users, as well as having a super-broad appeal to almost everyone.