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We are Flow Neuroscience

We're the new wave of mental health treatment empowering remote and revolutionary solutions to improve depressive symptoms. Utilising proven techniques, we've created a compact self-administered tDCS Headset combined with a Behavioural Therapy app for the first and only medically certified at-home treatment of its kind.

We are passionate in our mission to provide patients with more control over their mental health, give doctors alternative treatment pathways and revolutionise the way we treat, talk and assess mental health.

With proven results to decrease depressive symptoms by 81% in 3 months from real users, we are motivated to reach people who are looking for an alternative treatment and provide the hope that there are other options.

If you also believe in this mission - we would love to collaborate.

Why Should You Collaborate With Us?

By collaborating with us, you'll reach people of all ages, cultures, genders - as we are all affected by mental health. Be part of a mental health revolution that is scientifically validated, used in clinics and has changed patients lives.

With strong audience and user presence across the UK/SE and available in over 30 countries in Europe. From the nature of our company, ethos and product we are in a good position to help in your mission to help those seeking treatment for their depression.

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