Welcome to MeMoi - Fashion legwear and more for the entire family.

We offer a full line of women's, kids and men's hosiery & socks, as well as support hosiery, period and incontinence briefs. We also offer a select line of slippers & lounge-wear.

Let’s get down to metrics. Our average sale amount is $60, a considerable yield for such an affordable product, and it’s even higher during the holiday season. This high profit margin allows MeMoi to offer a 10% commission. To assist you while you are working with us, we are more than happy to provide special marketing material to any affiliate in need.

Why sell our product? Hosiery is an easy sell! Our unique selection of products has something for everyone’s needs. Our novelty socks, some of our best sellers, will put a spring in anyone’s step. Our shapers are a woman’s best friend when it comes to looking her best. Our socks for growing kids are high quality while not breaking the bank. And if legwear is not what our customer needs, our loungewear and slippers will make a relaxing day at home that much more cozy. When it comes to the support of the hardest working parts of our bodies, MeMoi has it covered.

Whether it be socks, shapers, or even our loungewear, we have a brand that people love and trust. Join us for an affiliate partnership that is too good to pass up!