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Does your site talk about going green, cooking, eco cleaning, home, natural beauty, organic tea or sustainable products? Are you trying to grow a community of green enthusiasts or do you want to promote do-it-yourself and sustainability? Join the MMTUM SHOP Affiliate Program!

At MMTUM, our mission is to democratize do-it-yourself and empower consumers with our 4 brands sold on a single site: mmtumshop.com. We have been creating original and easy-to-use products for our customers for over 10 years. We started by democratizing Molecular Cooking at home with our cooking kits, cocktails, our specialized tools, our recipe books, and our additives from the Molecule-R brand, still very popular with consumers. Our desire to best meet the needs of consumers then led us to develop products for a healthier lifestyle with our Mortier Pilon brand. We've updated the benefits of Home Fermentation and Kombucha with our easy kits for beginners including jars and recipe books. We have also created with Mortier Pilon a line of ecological soaps and cleaning. This is very popular with the general public with a non-toxic and biodegradable refillable concentrated hand soap, the same for dish soap and reusable wipes. With our desire to select the best ingredients, two organic and natural brands were also born. Oleum Vera, our organic beauty brand, with its iconic masks of freshing ingredients in capsules and Tea it Yourself which offers organic tea kits to mix.

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Discover our 4 brands, sold on the MMTUM SHOP:

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The MMTUM Shop website targets mostly green enthusiasts, foodies and healthy living people. Here are the main targets by brand:

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Our sales are growing rapidly, and we would love to have you as part of the MMTUM adventure by joining our affiliate program. If you have any questions, we are available by email at digital@mmtum.com