Hi! WHISPER is a sleek, simple to use bidet attachment that draws fresh, clean water directly from the water supply and is angled perfectly to clean your booty – think of it like a tiny shower for your butt. Wiping with toilet paper is a waste of money, it's bad for the environment, and you don't even get that clean. Whisper leaves you feeling shower clean, is eco-friendly, and saves you buttloads on toilet paper and wet wipes. Whisper has a premium aesthetic with a quirky personality and we're transforming America from a toilet paper nightmare into a bidet utopia. We are an American owned business that launched in Brooklyn in 2017 and was featured on Viceland. In the wake of the toilet paper shortage of 2020 interest in bidets has skyrocketed! We are expanding rapidly and are looking for bidet believers to help spread the word via our affiliate program! Modern millennials are our core audience, but men with hairy holes, Muslims who already rinse with water, and hip older folks also love our bidet. To be honest, anyone who poops into a bowl will enjoy rinsing their hole! We offer a very competitive commission rate right from the start and even higher tiers for breakthrough performance from our partners. Please reach out to whisperbidets@oakdigitalagency.com if you are interested in featuring us on your platform or if you have any questions!