Who we are?
Dr. Prepare believes that each degree matters when it comes to staying comfortable at home and beyond. By delivering quality household appliances and portable outdoor gear, we strive to help you create a comfortable living space anytime, anyplace.

What Do We Offer?
We offer a 10%-12% commission on each order, 30 days of cookies, and extra bonuses every month! All our products are backed up with strict quality control and premium service, including free shipping, a 1-3 year warranty, and a 30-day return. We hope this will help you recommend your faves with everyone confidently.

Our Performance
Sales have tripled within three years of establishment; 96% positive feedback; 3 times growth rate in the past year.

How To Start?
We will update our coupons monthly and keep you updated by sending newsletters. Please find the newest deals and coupons in the resources hub once you join in, we will share our latest launched products' banners for every affiliate. There will be more campaigns during the holidays. Stay tuned!.

Our products
We are a company that supplies smart home goods, portable power supply, and effortless outdoor gear to kit out for your daily life. We wish to prepare people for challenges ahead and inspire them to live to the fullest with our multiple solutions.

Please note that our products only sell to the USA. If your markets are not in the USA, it may affect the sales.