About Hemp Crate:

CBD can be confusing and expensive. We want to make it simple and affordable. We do the hard part of finding CBD brands with affordable prices and high quality products so that you can sit back and relax.

For subscribers 18 and over, this box delivers quality and organic CBD products to your doorstep each month, along with informative brochures to help you understand CBD.

We know the CBD industry can lack transparency at times and is difficult to understand which products to try. That's where we come in! We test hundreds of products a month and put only the best and the brightest in your box. It's part of what makes your Hemp Crate, great.

CBD should be affordable. We're constantly negotiating with our partner brands to bring you the highest quality products at the lowest possible price. There simply is no cheaper way to try CBD than Hemp Crate. We also offer special discount programs for those on low income, disability and our veterans. Oh, and did we mention we offer free shipping on every order for U.S. customers?

Program Highlights
  • GENEROUS COMMISSION RATES - 10% commission
  • Custom Promotions and Campaigns Available
  • 30 Day Cookie
  • Bonus commissions throughout the year!
  • Aggressive bonuses based on performance for active affiliates
  • For any questions, please reach out to Ramon@paradigmmedia.agency or set up a call here --> https://calendly.com/ramon_paradigm/30min
How Do I Get Started?
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