ShareASale Tracking / Use of Cookies

ShareASale operates an affiliate marketing network. As such, ShareASale enables advertisers and publishers to deal with each other, whereby publishers promote advertisers and their products by displaying advertisements on the publisher website. Consumers which click on an advertisement are referred from the publisher website to the advertiser website, where they may make a transaction. In order to attribute sales and marketing effort by a publisher to a particular transaction, to enable advertisers to reward publishers on a per transaction basis, Awin uses tracking technologies (predominantly in the form of cookies).

ShareASale saves cookies on the end devices of users that visit or use websites or other online products provided by advertisers and publishers working with ShareASale (for example, when a user registers for a newsletter or places an order in an online shop) in order to document transactions (such as leads and sales). These cookies are used solely for the purpose of accurately tracking the success of an advertising medium and the corresponding billing within our network and collect pseudonymous, non-sensitive, largely technical data which do not relate to behavior, nor do they predict or evaluate consumer interest or personalities.

Aside the use of cookies, ShareASale also employs other tracking methods such as device fingerprinting, whereby ShareASale can uniquely identify a device by considering certain attributes of the browser or the device (incl. screen size/resolution and user configurations). Similarly to cookies, the data collected through fingerprinting is largely technical and pseudonymous and does not reveal the identity of the user to ShareASale.

In case you wish to opt-out from the tracking technologies of ShareASale, you may do so by adjusting your settings below. Through this opt-out mechanism all tracking technologies of ShareASale will be interrupted.

The possible statuses have the following meanings:
Opt-out active
You have opted out from tracking, you will not be tracked by ShareASale as long as this status remains unchanged.
Opt-out inactive
You are not opted out from tracking, ShareASale may drop cookies and utilize other tracking technologies for the purposes of affiliate marketing.
Current Status: Opt-out inactive