New Page 1 Redcat Racing is the premier source for quality yet low priced Nitro Radio Controlled Cars

Redcat Racing is the premier source for quality yet low priced Nitro, Electric & Gas Powered Radio Controlled Cars, Trucks & Buggies. We offer a 10% commission on all end user sales that are generated through the affiliate program.

Do you often point friends to the Redcat site?  If so, now you can make money when they buy!

Once you signup for the program a code will be generated just for you.  When someone clicks on a link that you send or advertise, that customer is tagged that is came from you.  If a purchase is made by them you will earn a 10% commission on whatever they buy.  It is as simple as that.

  • Over 1000 active Redat Racing affiliates.

  • A fun product to promote with very little Google Adwords competition.

  • Over 30 different vehicles to offer along with over 1500 parts.

Check the website at

What is an affiliate program and how can I make money?

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Sales at normal MSRP pricing as shown on the Redcat site qualify. Wholesale purchases do not apply.
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