BabyUnited, LLC is a leader in chilren's hosiery and socks. With two fantastic brands, BabyLegs and TicTacToe, BabyUnited provides a white assortment of children's socks, tights and legwarmers from infant to teen. By becoming an affiliate of either brand, you become an affiliate for all BabyUnited brands. If you are an existing BabyLegs affiliate, you are now able to receive commission on TicTacToe sales as well.

BabyLegs created the children’s leg and arm warmer market in 2005. Today the company is both pioneer and leader in the children’s legwear category. As the success of the company has grown, so has our web success. Recent efforts to improve our online retail presence resulted in an immediate 200% increase in conversion and a doubling of traffic. To continue to build our online retail store, we have created the BabyLegs Affiliate Marketing Program and partnered with ShareASale to administrate the program. Read more to learn how you can share in our success.

TicTacToe, a leader in children's legwear, has offered a complete line of children's graphic and basic socks and tights since 1985. Tic Tac Toe’s assortment of basic and fashion socks, booties, knee highs, leggings, and tights in sizes from infants through teens, has been a valued staple at specialty and department stores for over 27 years. TicTacToe became a part of the BabyUnited, LLC family in April 2012, joining the very successful BabyLegs brand. While established in the physical retailer sector, TicTacToe is now making a move to increase online sales in 2013. To continue to build our online retail store, we have added TicTacToe to the BabyLegs Affiliate Marketing Program and partnered with ShareASale to administrate the program. Read more to learn how you can share in our success.

Program Basics:
•10% commission rate
•60 day referral period
•Commissions paid monthly (minimum applies)
•Huge variety of creative resources
•Auto-pay is enabled to ensure timely commission payments
•Data feed available with over 300 products, updated frequently

Affiliate Resources:
BabyLegs and TicTacToe have partnered with ShareASale to administer our Affiliate program. All affiliates can manage their account, monitor sales, download creative, and view payment information on the ShareASale site.

Some of the benefits of working with ShareASale:
•Monitor your sales stats in real time
•Consolidated payments from multiple merchants
•A strict “No Software” policy, which means you don’t need to utilize Adware, Toolbars, or other desktop software
•Bonuses for referrals
•Easy browsing and uploading of creative

We have a huge variety of advertising creative for Affiliate websites. We frequently update our creative with new promotional ads, new product launches, or just new photography. We launch new product twice each year and Affiliates can expect additional creative for the launch of each new season. Display Ads Available in 18 IAB sizes.

Data Feed:
We have over 300 items in inventory on our webstore everyday. We have created an automated data feed for our Affiliates that makes updating product information fast and easy. In addition, frequently updated data feeds will make sure that Affiliates always have to most current items available.

Monthly Newsletter:
We will provide monthly newsletters with information on upcoming promotions and products, to share with your readers and customers to help increase referrals.

Target Demographic:
BabyLegs and TicTacToe are looking for a variety of Affiliates who market to different demographics and market niches. Every blog or website targeting moms should sign up for this program immediately. BabyLegs ads would be a perfect match for the following types of websites:
•Gifting (birthdays, baby showers, Grand Parents, etc)
•Parenting (diaper changing, crawling, other solutions for mom, etc)
•Children’s Fashion (fun, fashionable and functional accessories)
•Health and Wellness (Ec’n, potty training, etc)
•Many, many more…

Payment processing:
ShareASale issues payments via check and Direct Deposit on the 20th of each month. These payments are made to those affiliates who have reached the $50 minimum BEFORE the end of the previous month.

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BabUnited, LLC div. of United Legwear Co., LLC has teamed up with ShareASale to offer a simple affiliate signup process, so that you can begin earning commission payments from your website as soon as possible.

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