Decorative Ceiling Tiles, Inc's Affiliate Program

"From Plain To Beautiful In Hours"

How Our Product Benefits Consumer:
As you may know there is not many products when it comes to ugly ceilings that are affordable, beautiful and easy to use. That is why we focus on this issue, keeping consumer in mind and bringing value with our line of our decorative products for ceilings. Our products are new to the market and are gaining popularity with each and every easy installation.
"I am thrilled with the way my ceiling turned out! The decorative tiles give the room such an elegant look. I am looking forward to working with you again on my next renovation. Enjoy the picture."
Benefits of Joining Our Program:
    • Earn 10% commission from each sale you generate
    • Unlimited Cookies ( Your cookies will not be overwritten. So, you will get paid for all the purchases by the client you refer initially)
    • High Conversion Rates
    • Large Average Sale
    • Minimum Reversal ( Almost None)
    • Huge Potential Sale Amount ($35k Largest so far) Check out what has happened to one of our affiliates in 2 days.
    • Possibility for HUGE commission (largest so far was 799.oo- this was also his first sale)
    • Auto Deposit - ON (No down times, ever)
    • SAS Exclusive
    • Dedicated Program Management - ABW Best New Manager 2010 (My Promise to you is: You will never be removed for inactivity or low performance and you can always contact me if you need my help. I will be there for you. - Milan Jara)
    • We don't work with parasites, cookie stuffers or coupon scrapers.
    • No Leaks - ( Only outbound links are : Paypal Seal, Seal, Trust Link Widget and they all open in new windows and are there to improve conversion rates.) The only other outbound link is to our sign up affiliate page on SAS.
    • SAS Phone Tracking in Place
    • Trademark plus bidding and use of our display URL is prohibited.

Endorsements by Respected Affiliates & Great Partners

"We love working with DCT - big orders, great conversion rate, owner tracks and bonuses phone orders, products have wide appeal and reach!" -Patrick Grady RhinoFish Media

"I've been in affiliate marketing for ten years and I have to say that the Decorative Ceiling Tiles affiliate program is in the top 5 that I have ever worked with. It is run fairly, and Milan is the most honest merchant I have ever worked with. If you are tired of spending time trying to promote products and building sites for nothing, take a good look at this program. The products sell themselves. Commissions are good and I've never seen a reversal. If your goal is to tell people about great products that they can use, and earn money when they do, this is a program not to pass up!" -Nancy Ocasio

I Need Your Help!

I need you because I have realized that I can not educate all the potential consumers without help of Affiliates .

So join me on a mission of changing the ceilings: " From Plain To Beautiful In Hours" around the world.

Affiliate Management: Milan Jara
Direct Line: 754-367-8349
Personal Email:
Skype: milan.jara1

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