Exotissimo Travel
Established in 1993, Exotissimo Travel is a leading Inbound Tour Operator in Southeast Asia. With 15 offices throughout Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar, and 200 locally-based staff, we offer package and tailor-made travel arrangements for travelers including tours, excursions, hotel and flight bookings, cruises, jet charters and much more. Travelers know to contact us when they are looking for more than the standard travel agency package. Our teams of Travel Consultants assist in designing and organizing a program that will perfectly meet the traveler’s needs and wishes at the best possible price.

Exotissimo Affiliate Programs Key Benefits

  1. Unlimited potential – no ceiling cap
  2. Highest Base in our Niche: From $6.50 to $14 commission per each Online Inquiry sent on www.exotissimo.com by visitors referred by your site
  3. 90 days cookie lifetime – we know that the travelers we serve are taking their time to research different travel options and want to make sure that you are rewarded for the traffic you send us
  4. Quality choice of creative banners, flash, text, keyword and content links
  5. Dedicated affiliate manager to help you develop your revenues
  6. Custom Creatives available on request
  7. Co-branding opportunities available, considered on a case-by-case basis

Exotissimo Pay-Per-Lead Commission Structure

  • 0-10 Leads Per Month = Pay-Per-Lead of $6.50
  • 11-30 Leads Per Month = Pay-Per-Lead of $10
  • 31-50 Leads Per Month = Pay-Per-Lead of $12
  • 50+ Leads Per Month = Pay-Per-Lead of $14

Diversify Your Online Travel Affiliates Revenues

Our unique travel products perfectly complement the services offered by larger Online Hotels Booking sites, but the travelers who contact us are looking for more than simply hotel and flight bookings. We have the expertise and local knowledge to design and organize individually tailored travel arrangements. By showcasing our convincing text links and creative affiliate banners, you will offer a high quality travel planning alternative for your visitors.

We are offering a starting pay-out of $6.50 USD commission on bona fide Online Inquiries sent through any of the 5 online enquiries forms featured in key areas of our website with a 90-day cookie to track and pay you for the traffic you refer. Targeted visitors convert at an average of 10% whilst travelers in the final stage of trip planning tend to convert at 14-15%. So based on these numbers, you can expect upwards of $50 per 100 unique (and targetted) visitors you send our way! We are continually optomizing our landing pages and product pages to improve customer experience and ultimately increase conversions.

Tour Products

Family Tours Collection: Whether trekking through Laos’ lush forests on an elephant’s back or kayaking in the turquoise seas of Thailand, our family tours delight both young and old.
Cruises Collection: Exotissimo offers unforgettable cruises in Southeast Asia's exotic waterways ranging from overnights aboard a regal steamers to week long luxury journeys.
Honeymoon and Romance: Our honeymoon packages are created around intimate properties, personalized services and varied destinations to ensure an unforgettable and romantic vacation.
Culinary Journeys: Exotissimo’s culinary tours are specially designed for gourmet enthusiasts with an appetite for eating and adventure. Prepare noodle soup with top Vietnamese chefs or mingle with Bangkok's market crowds.
Beach Collection: Exotissimo offers an unrivaled choice of unique hideaway resorts where attentive service and elegant accommodation blend together for the ultimate beach get-away.
Responsible Travel Collection: From Cycling along the Mekong to House Building on Inle Lake, we love to showcase the beauty of the region through responsible travel and sustainable tourism activities.
Cycling Tours Collection: Southeast Asia features endless impressive backdrops for cycling adventures - from the scenic coastlines of Thailand and Vietnam to the magnificent Angkor temples.
Trekking Tours Collection: Whether you seek a light day hike in the hilltribes of Thailand to an intense journey near the Himalayan Mountain Range, our expert adventure teams know the best routes and hidden paths in the unspoiled wilderness of the region.
Golf Collection:Southeast Asia is a golfing mecca and Exotissimo knows the perfect destinations for a holiday combining golf, great sightseeing and relaxation.

What Makes Exotissimo Different?

Unique itinerary: Exotissimo provides customers the freedom to create their own personal itinerary with the assistance of our highly trained travel consultants.
Flexibility: Our personalized itineraries offer the flexibility to make changes to your plans while traveling- movement is not dictated by the demands of a group.
Guides that entertain and inspire: All Exotissimo guides are locals who not only are dedicated to ensuring you enjoy your travels but also aim to show you the true face of your destination.
Pioneers in the region: With over 16 years experience, Exotissimo is one of the best known inbound tour operators in Indochina, Myanmar and Thailand.
Responsible Travel: Exotissimo works with local charities to support community development projects that help preserve the area’s cultural and natural wonders for generations to come.

Important Exotissimo Affiliate Terms & Conditions

Eligible Leads
We pay our affiliate partners a commission on each valid lead generated. A 'valid lead' is defined as a person who completes our registration form inquiring on a tour, hotel or day trip . The completed form must contain an accurate name, email address, valid and contactable phone number, and a comment from serious consumers who are truly in the market for our unique tour services. If Exotissimo, in its sole discretion, suspects an affiliate of fraudulent activity, they must respond within 7 days of the expiration notification with a detailed account on the origins of their traffic. If an affiliate fails to respond within the time frame, you may be removed from the Programme immediately and/or permanently. Exotissimo also reserves the right to withhold, or cancel any and all compensation for transactions not in compliance with these Terms and Conditions.

Reward/incentive Sites
At this time, Exotissimo is not accepting applications from incentive/reward/rebate sites (cashback, points, shares, schools or charities etc) or any other publisher sending incentivised traffic to our site.

Marketing Methods
It is necessary that you specify in your application the website or pages you will use to promote Exotissimo. Other marketing methods such as using an affiliate link in Social Media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, etc...), or in an email blast or newsletter are not permitted.

PPC Marketing
PPC marketing is not permitted in the Exotissimo program unless an individual publisher/affiliate is invited to do so by Exotissimo:

Please note that PPC search engines include Yahoo!, MSN, Overture, Google and any other search engine that offers full or partial PPC advertising. If You breach any of these Exotissimo Terms and Conditions, You may be removed from the Program immediately and/or permanently. Exotissimo also reserves the right to withhold, or cancel any and all compensation for transactions not in compliance with these Terms and Conditions.


Please see full Terms & Conditions within your account interface.

For any questions on our affiliate program, please contact Michel Gerard at: gmichel@exotissimo.com

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