Thank you for your interest in the Sittercity Affiliate Program! makes finding the perfect sitter quick, safe and simple. With over two million caregiver profiles nationwide, Sittercity is America's largest and most trusted site for matching parents with local housesitters, petsitters, and senior care providers.

Now you can join our Affiliate Program and earn up to $50 per paid membership while providing an affordable solution to busy families who need childcare, pet sitters or elderly care. Sittercity has a great conversion rate because we offer customers one of three payment plans - but you'll get paid the same commission regardless of their paid membership selection!

Sittercity Affiliate Program Details:

  • $50 commission for every new parent paid membership registration.
  • $25 commission for rebate and cashback sites.
  • $10 commission for coupon and deal sites.
  • Monthly coupons, promotions and bonuses to help you earn more commissions.

Important Reminders and Notices

  • Basic Memberships (7 day trials) are tracked in the Sittercity Affiliate Program for statistics, but not are commissionable.
  • Sittercity monitors PPC activity with Brand Verity 24 hours a day. If there is found to be a violation you could lose commissions and be removed from the program. Please review the program terms before you begin any PPC campaigns.
  • Affiliates are only allowed to promote coupon codes that are made available through the affiliate program.
  • Lastly, Sittercity only serves the US market.

If you have any questions or comments about our program, please contact us.

Thank you again for your interest and we look forward to working with you!

-The Affiliate Team


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