HerbsPro Affiliate Program

Join HerbsPro’s Affiliate Program and become a member of the most innovative and successful program on the Web. By becoming a HerbsPro affiliate, you can earn huge commissions. Introduce HerbsPro to your site visitors for a remarkably valued and top brand Herbal products of about 50,000 and be a part of the world's largest Alternative Medicine community.

Herbspro has the best Prices on the top brand vitamins and Herbal Supplements. As a member of Herbspro's affiliate program, you'll earn 10% of every purchase made by a visitor from your site. Simply link to any of Herbspro's pages using banners, text links (all of which we provide), and then sit back and leave the order fulfillment to us. There is no limit to the number of pages you can link to--in fact, the more you link to us, the more money you're likely to earn. Our site conversion rates are excellent. Show your customers how to save up to 60% off retail and start making money for your site today!! We look forward to working with you. Join now!

If you own a website or publish a newsletter that focuses on vitamins, herbal supplements, natural cosmetics, diet and sports nutrition, we would like to welcome you to the Herbspro Affiliate Program.

Why Join Herbspro Affiliate Program?

Herbspro.com Ranked #674 in Inc 5000 list of fastest growing companies.

HerbsPro Affiliate Program Benefits

  • 10% commission
  • 60 days cookie
  • Auto deposit
  • High converting banners and text links
  • Custom banners
  • Data feeds
  • Monthly Coupons
  • Special Offers & Discounts
  • Dedicated affiliate program manager 

Herbal Industry Stats and Usage of Vitamins & Supplements

According to our statistics, the average visitor typically spends $70.00 towards buying herbal health products. HerbsPro.com pays you up to 10% commission on all items purchased as a direct lead from your website. An automated tracking process enables us to know exactly how many items were purchased from the link on your website.  

Low Prices On Top Brands

  • Now Foods
  • Country Life
  • Jarrow Formulas
  • Source Naturals
  • Nutricology
  • Garden of Life
  • Doctors Best
  • Enzymatic Therapy
  • Raintree Nutrition
  • Petergillhams Natural Vitality
  • Natures Answer
  • Herb Pharm
  • New Chapter
  • Gaia Herbs
  • And Many More leading Brands

Low Prices On Top Herbal Products

  • Almased
  • DGP Dog Gone Pain
  • D-Mannose
  • Healthy Trinity
  • Hep-Forte
  • Resveratrol
  • Graviola
  • Natural Acai Juice Blend
  • A to B Calm Can
  • Raw Thyroid
  • Natural Calm
  • And Many More Top Products

Getting Help from Us

If you have a question or suggestion, please feel free to contact us. Our success quite literally depends upon your success, so it makes sense to work together to accomplish our goals. Please remember that this is a mutually beneficial business relationship, and recognize that a courteous approach is the most effective way to generate a courteous and helpful response. 

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HerbsPro Affiliate Agreement

Please Read The Entire Agreement. You May Print This Page For Your Records.

Keyword Restrictions

  • Keyword Advertising Restrictions (PPC, Social Media etc.)  We do not allow Affiliates to bid for the keyword "Herbspro, Herbspro.com or any variations of the domain name" in any Search Engines or Social Networks
List of Keywords with Restrictions
    • Universal Herbs Inc
    • HerbsPro
    • www.herbspro.com
    • herbspro.com
    • Universalherbs
    • UniversalherbsInc
    • herbs pro
    • Universal herbs
    • Herbpro
    • herbpro.com
  • Affiliate should not use Herbspro.com as Display URL in their adcopies in any of the Search Engines and Social Media advertising networks.
  • Affiliates may not use misleading text on affiliate links; buttons or images to imply that anything besides currently authorized deals or other savings are available.
  • Affiliates may not generate pop-ups, pop-under, iframes, frames, or any other seen or unseen actions that set affiliate cookies unless the user has expressed a clear and explicit interest in activating a specific savings by clicking on a clearly marked link, button or image for that particular coupon or deal. Your link must send the visitor to the merchant site.

Email Restrictions

Affiliate agrees that they will not engage in spamming, unlawful mass emailing or any unapproved emailing or in any way fail to comply with the CAN SPAM Act of 2003 (Public Law 108-187 or any additional legislation), and/or any other rules, laws or regulations that govern email marketing and advertising. Affiliate agrees that their promotional activities will not infringe on HerbsPro's protected business rights, including but not limited to copy write and trademark rights.

If you have questions about any of these restrictions, please contact affiliates@HerbsPro.com for clarification.

Any affiliate found to be in violation of the above terms is subject to immediate deactivation from the program, in addition to all fees being canceled from previous 7 days of violation being detected.

Contact Us

You can always contact us at affiliates@herbspro.com regarding any of your queries we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you again for choosing to join the HerbsPro Affiliate Program on ShareaSale and if there is anything you need, please write to us (at) affiliates@HerbsPro.com. We look forward to working with you!

Universal Herbs Inc has teamed up with ShareASale to offer a simple affiliate signup process, so that you can begin earning commission payments from your website as soon as possible.

If you already have a ShareASale username and password, please login here, and you will be added to our program.

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Otherwise, if you are new to ShareASale, please fill out the form below in order to join:

The process to setup an Affiliate Account is a simple 5-step process that begins with the selection of your username and password. In the future, you will use these selected words to access your ShareASale.com Affiliate Account.

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Please Note: Membership applications are reviewed by our staff for acceptance, and you will typically receive an email from us within 24 hours from the time that you confirm your application (by confirmation email). Our Membership Review Team will review your site for the following things in order to accept you into our network:

  • Quality site design
  • Top-Level-Domain (i.e., www.yourdomainname.com) (not required but recommended)
  • Website language (We only accept sites in English)
  • Prospective ability of your site to drive traffic to our Merchants
  • Disallowed sites include: Any illegal, porn, hate, etc... on your site, or on sites that you link to
  • Other misc. factors

Decisions made by ShareASale about membership applications are final, but you are free to re-apply if you wish in the future, should your application not be accepted. Please provide as much detail as possible when applying so that we can review your application accurately.

Affiliate Terms of Use